framtiden göteborg kontor Global-Lit

sparkcykel vuxen malmö läckert fika med lakrits 20 ingenjör kemisk analysteknik jun begära ut journalkopior sahlgrenska juni 2013

Introduction to module

deprimerad ligger bara i sängen Most of us are used to reading novels from the (white) U.S. and Great Britain, and this course is an opportunity to expand our worldview, to recognize voices that are not heard or read as often. The literary canon grows with each new reader, and writers from the many former colonies of the British Empire have been said to “write back” – to tell their version of events, to illuminate their views, experiences, emotions, history, and so on. “Global” literature cannot be summarized in a few words; it is diverse and covers a wide range of subjects and narrative perspectives, and hopefully you will find this out for yourselves.

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