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roliga saker att göra i jönköping The following information applies to students that intend to sit an exam off-campus (both Net and Campus students).

stolthet och fördom av jane austen bokrecension Firstly, it is up to the student to find somewhere to take the exam.   If you live in Sweden then the best thing to do is find out where the closest study centre is. Use this web page to find the closest centre drunkna inte i dina känslor download. You could also try contacting other universities, libraries, etc, as long as it is an educational or official establishment.

medvetslös på engelska Those of you living and studying abroad should try and contact an embassy or consulate, but a local library, school, language school, university works just as well.

skydda sgi tjänstledig The reason that we restrict the places in which you can take the exam is because it is very important that the exam takes place under exam conditions and that someone with an official capacity is there to monitor you, ensure that you are not able to access books, mobile phones, computers, and so on. We will not allow you to take the exam if you do not follow these guidelines.

nerikes allehanda dödsannonser Once you have found somewhere to take the exam, check that they can accommodate you on the actual exam date at the actual exam time. If they can’t let you take the exam on the actual date and time then get in touch with Martin Shaw to see if something else can be arranged. DO NOT decide by yourself to take the exam on a different date as we may choose not to accept the exam if it isn’t taken on the exact exam date.

kämpenstr 31 witten Also note that students are responsible for any costs that are incurred while taking exams.

kemtvätt hornsgatan 49 Once you have arranged everything, place, time, etc then you need to register for the exam and inform us where you are taking the exam and the name of a contact person. You do this by clicking on the link below which takes you to the off-campus exam registration page.

vilka länder deltar i eurovision You will be asked for the following information, so make sure you have it before filling in the registration form:

  • Your name and ID number (personnummer)
  • Name and address of the institution where you will be taking the exam
  • Name of the contact person to whom we send the exam
  • Telephone number of the contact person
  • E-mail address of the contact person. It is vital that you enter the correct e-mail address as we mail the exams to this address. Enter the e-mail address carefully and correctly.

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